Sony Ericsson Composer Instructions

On this page you will find all the information you need to help you get the tune you want for your mobile phone from.

General Information

The keypad of your T68 phone is used to enter the notes, and change their duration and pitch.

your t68 phone
1=C 2=D 3=E 4=F 5=G 6=A 7=B
8 shortens the note
9 lengthens the note
* insertes a rest (pause)
0 changes the octave (1,2,3,4)
# changes the note to a sharp

Pressing the Options key allows you to change the tempo of the tune and to add effects to your tone including turning the vibrator on and off and setting the volume.

First of all decide which tune you want to enter onto your phone. Either browse by Artist or by song title. When you have seen the tune you want, select it and it will open in a sepearate, smaller window.

If a particular tune has been covered by another artist, it will normally be found under the original artist's name.

The codes on the site are displayed using the numbers 0 - 9, as well as # (hash) and * (star) - these are found on either side of the 0 (zero) key on your phone. These represent (obviously!) the keys on your phone. Once you are in the Composer function on your phone (see below) all you do is type in the digits as they are displayed on the site. WHAT YOU TYPE IN IS NOT WHAT IS DISPLAYED ON YOUR PHONE! The lines of numbers should correspond with the display on your phone - when you get to the end of a line in the code it will be the end of the line on your phone. Underneath the tune is the Tempo. This is a guide as to what speed to set the tune at, although you can set it to whatever you like!

Once you've keyed the tune in, Save it with whatever name you want. Then go back to the Ringing tones section of your phone and select the tune to ring from the list so that it rings when someone calls you.

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